Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Wedding (not mine)

As I stated yesterday I had to book it back from Fargo to get to my office managers wedding at the church I serve. It was a glorious celebration and I wouldn't have wanted to miss it for the world. It was a little strange in the sense that he got married at Bethlehem and then had his reception at the lodge in Baxter. I feel like in a few weeks we will have role reversal and he will be sitting at our wedding at Bethlehem and then we are off to the reception at the Lodge. Too funny.

This is actually the first wedding that Marc and I have attended together. The next will be ours which is nuts to think about. I can't believe that we are under a month and only a few weeks out. Sadly I failed and didn't take a single picture, which is crazy!!! I think I seriously was way too exhausted to think about much beyond the exhaustion in my legs and getting through the rest of the day.

The wedding was beautiful, the bride looked gorgeous (her dress was amazing on her, although not at all what I expected her to be wearing - which makes me wonder what people expect me to wear) - the groom was cute and so excited to see her. IT WAS LOVELY!

Marc and I had a marvelous time and were slightly caught in the disbelief that it would be us in a mere three weeks! Because they had their wedding in the same church that we will be married in and they had their reception in the same location that we will be having ours it left Marc and I plenty to talk about!

Sunday night we had a small shower with some folks from church and it was marvelous and exciting to hang out with everyone and hear how excited everyone is for us. It is humbling to know how many people are holding us in prayer as we begin our final journey to our wedding day!

And because what is a post without a cute picture of my favorite puppy. Here is a picture of Dakota from last night. She has been so ridiculously tired at night it has been MARVELOUS. She is getting so much exercise because we are playing outside all day and have been getting in a ton of runs. She thinks she has died and gone to heaven! I love this sweet picture of her snuggling next to me on the couch.

Do you have many weddings you get to attend this summer?
Have you had the opportunity to be outside a ton with this gorgeous summer weather?
What is your favorite thing about summer?


  1. Too funny! I bet that did give you guys a lot to talk about! Three weeks will be here so soon! Love sweet!!

    1. It is crazy how time has flown by!

  2. Hmmm. I am attending your wedding this summer, then I am officiating at THREE weddings this summer (Crazy, right?). I LOVE summer, but we have NOT had a ton of glorious weather. The few nice days we did have, though, I was outside working on my farmer tan! I can't wait til prolonged periods of nice weather, AND I can't wait til your wedding!

    1. I get to officiate three as well.

      I can't wait to see you! It has been too stinkin long!