Saturday, May 18, 2013

Three Weeks

I am no longer in the months count down to our wedding but rather in the weeks and not too far off from the days count down. Seriously mind blowing that time has flown and crawled by so quickly.

We are now down to three weeks until we get married (yes, you may as well brace yourself for a weekly update now because I am writing one).

I have a bedroom upstairs in my house that sort of looks like all thing wedding has puked - I will be ready to have my room back upstairs when this wedding is over and to have all of these jars out of my house. Also ready to be able to focus on other miscellaneous projects beyond wedding stuff - it's been real, its even had a couple fun moments (food tasting), I am not sure that I would give wedding planning a real fun rating though.....anyways. It soon will be over.

This week's wedding related goals are:
  • finalize worship bulletin
  • work on bridesmaid gifts
  • drop off twine to the flower place
  • type up a weekend schedule for everyone
  • start dipping dinner meal tags for the reception
  • contact the rest of the people who haven't RSVPed

Unrelated news:
  Today is the Fargo Half Marathon and I seriously love this race and couldn't be more excited to be running it. Fingers crossed for good weather and not too many flooded roads and speedy legs (full review to come early next week).

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  1. THREE WEEKS?! Already? Wow...time really did fly by!! Have fun with the remainder of planning! Try not to let it stress you too much...your special day is going to be beautiful!