Wednesday, May 8, 2013

One Month

The countdown is now down to days rather than just months, and not hundreds of days, one month from today I will be getting married. Whoop Whoop! Seriously this count down at times has felt ridiculously long and at other moments have flown by. I can hardly believe in one month all this preparation and planning will be playing out as it is. There is a large piece of me that is ready for it all the play out, there is another piece of me that love the details and allows me the freedom to work details on something other than mission trips and work projects.

What's Done:
  • I have a dress and it has been fitted
    • I am picking it up in May when I go to Fargo to run the Fargo Half Marathon
  • Church and reception hall are reserved
  • Pastors - picked (complicated when many of your friends are ordained)
  • Caterer - automatic when you get the reception hall
    • food tasted (seriously this is the best job ever - I would love to do this every night for dinner)
  • Cake - person selected 
    • working with her to go back and forth about selecting exactly what we want - who knew there were so many amazing options
    • We are now in the nailing down of the final details portion of this
  • Photographer 
    •  Fiances uncle and a friend
  • Hair appointments 
    •  reserved for bridesmaids and me
  • DJ 
    •  Fiance's uncle 
  • Rehearsal Dinner 
    • space reserved (at a camp I co-direct in my spare time)
    • menu planned
  • Guest book figured out
  • save the dates sent
  • children's bulletins made
  • centerpieces done
  • reserve transportation for post wedding/ pre-reception 
  • Bridesmaid dresses (ordered and several of them have picked them up)
  • Invitations
  • Groom, Groomsmen, Usher tuxes
  • Fabric Banner
  • DJ
    • need to get him a list of what songs are musts and what songs are not to be played
  • figure out usher's gifts
  • Closets cleaned out
  • Flowers picked out
  • set up golf outing for the guys

  • make bridesmaid gifts
    • in process & almost done
  • figure out groomsmen gifts
  • Pay the flower place
  • Pay the cake lady
  • Make labels for reception - who has what meal and what not
  • Wash all the mason jars
  • Put labels on mason jars for people to write their names
  • Make food for rehearsal dinner
    • this can't be done until later
  • Contact the people who have not turned in the RSVPs
  • finish designing bulletins
  • Get bulletins printed
  • Pick up my wedding dress
    • May 17 - before the Fargo half I am picking it up
  • Get marriage license
    • May 9 - we are going to go get it
  • Make a schedule for everyone for day before and day of wedding
  • Make a list of info for host couples at reception
  • Find someone to light the candles at the reception before everyone gets there


  1. It feels so nice when all things are said and NEVER have anymore wedding homework to do! Well, maybe those pesky thank you notes ;)

  2. I would love to be a party food faster, too! Best job EVER!!