Sunday, March 10, 2013

Nikon D60

Photography. It seems to be all the craze these days, or really with the development of digital cameras we are no longer tied to the days of expensive film and developing it. We all have cameras, our phones, point and shoot, and varying degrees of more complicated cameras. I have one on my iphone, I have a point and shoot (a waterpoof Nikon that I love), and a Nikon D60. Some of my friends are REALLY good at photography and always seem to come up with really good shots.

I love pictures, I love the process of taking pictures, creating photobooks, and looking through photobooks. I need to learn how to take better pictures. I need to learn what the different shutter speeds do and how to adjust it appropriately on my camera. I need to learn what the different settings are for. I need to learn about aperture and how to adjust mine to the right setting. I need to learn about the different formats and how to get to them on my camera. I need to take photos in a million different settings so I don't get dark and blurry photos. I want to learn how to shoot amazing photos without having to do a ton and a half of editing. 

I am slowly but surely attempting to learn. Trying to gain not only a better eye for pictures but also really learn the ins and outs of my camera, learn the diverse settings. Here's to lots of online reading and challenging myself to take photos, thousands of photos, to learning how to capture what my eyes see.

Anyone have any tips on how to master the settings on their camera?
Anyone have any tips on helping me know what settings my camera should be at when shooting in different settings?


  1. Bryant teaches a class for our community ed group. Maybe you could find something like that?

  2. I'm a Nikon lover so this post made me happy! I've taken photography courses, but I usually just leave my camera on auto. My only tip is to have fun with it (and I know you will)! :0)