Monday, February 4, 2013


Not going to lie, I am over the -52 with windchill weather. It sucks. It has me unmotivated to go outside, to walk the dog, to go get groceries, to do really anything other than sit on the couch read a book or crochet while curled up with a mug of hot chocolate or coffee. Seriously.

I LOVE winter, when I can be outside in it. I love snow, skiing, hiking, snow shoeing, I even love shoveling snow. I HATE the bitter cold where it isn't even safe to go outside in.

I am hopeful that spring will come soon. I have to believe it. The miles on the treadmill are getting old fast, I am sick of running inside and doing the same exercise videos over and over again. I feel bad for Dakota who isn't getting nearly the walks and runs that she deserves but she even gets cold in this weather. I would welcome a little bit of warmth to melt the layer of ice that coats every possible surface in northern Minnesota. I would welcome a bit of a warm up so my windows to my car would unfreeze, there is ice all around them from when my car sat outside while I was in California. I welcome spring when she comes.

I am ready for the new life that will blossom out of the dirty brown snow. I am ready to spend time outside and not have to wear twelve layers. I am ready to mow the lawn (I actually enjoy mowing). Yes, I am whining about it, because seriously it is all I can do. BRING ON SPRING.

Totally unrelated side note I LOVED the Dodge Ram commercial even though it is a dodge commercial and I love my Ford Escape and it has Case IH tractors and I love John Deere, for me this commercial won in top commercials!

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