Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Overwhelmed with life.

It is ridiculously rough to be my dog.
I include this picture just because I think it is hilarious
how she is sleeping on the chair. I LOVE my sweet puppy.

Seriously. I don't know what it is that has put me over the edge but I am there and Lent is just beginning.

I feel like I have 12,000 things going at once and all of the things are happening simultaneously. All good things, but 12,000 of them at once. This post is a venting post.

Life at church:

  • Ash Wednesday is tomorrow
  • My colleague has a flight to Hawaii for 3 weeks starting this weekend
  • 7th & 8th grade retreat Friday night
  • Leadership retreat Sunday afternoon/evening
  • it's Lent (enough said)
Life outside of church:
  • Miscellaneous projects that occupy my life
  • I became a co-director of a camp here in town with a friend and seriously it hasn't been updated in about 15 years and massively needs it to bring it back up to code - seriously who doesn't keep a camp up to code - will be amazing when it is finished
  • Swimming lessons - I actually really enjoy teaching swimming lessons about 98% of the time despite the fact that 70% of the parents drive me batty and assume I am there to cause serious fears and damage to their child in the pool - seriously people getting your kids toes wet won't kill them - you signed them up for swimming lessons not standing next to the pool lessons - take a chill pill

Life at home:
  • I am getting married in 4 months and there is so much done and yet it seems like so much to do
  • I am officially over the snow, I need to be able to be outside - I want to run outside - I hate treadmills
  • My house is never clean - or so it feels
  • I feel like I have 15 projects going at home for a variety of things and can't manage to get any done
  • My dog needs to be able to go for a long run - she is starting to go stir crazy too
  • I feel like my house stinks due to a lack of fresh air - I tried opening the window yesterday just to air it out a bit and was freezing cold so had to shut them after about fifteen minutes
Life personally:
  • I am annoyed at the 30 minute limits on the cardio machines at the YMCA - how am I suppose to get in a long run in 30 minutes and switching machines is lame [although I am happy that many of the "new years resolution people" are slowly but surely fading out - while I am sad for them they aren't making their goals - I am happy to have some time back on the machines - I am evil and mean apparently]
  • I am jazzed about getting married this summer but it feels like there is a lot I need to do before Marc can move in - clean out half my closet, and make space for his stuff somewhere - I must keep purging things and giving them away
  • I want a floo network [as in Harry Potter] so all of my friends can quickly and easily get together - I could use a good hangout with some of my favorite people. Not to mention I would love to be able to meet up with my family more frequently. I hate that my call is so far away from friends and family. 
  • I am saddened that I don't know when my next vacation is or where I will go
  • I wish when the schools in town got a snow day it meant that adults did too [although that wouldn't help with getting my massive to-do list done]
  • I have been taking a ton of pictures - hence the instagram explosion on the right - and I have had the chance to take a ton of pictures with my "nice camera" of different mostly church related events and it has been wonderful - I feel like I have already shot about 5,000 photos this year which is close to catching up to last years measly amount. I dare to even say there has been at least 10 decent ones. Whoop Whoop.
  • I got a new (technically 2nd) cousin this week! I can't wait to meet her - I need to figure out a way to get home to meet her. From the pictures my cousin has been texting me she is beautiful! [another good reason for the floo network]

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  1. Remember to Sabbath.

    I am praying for you in all of this. You can only effectively finish one thing at a time.

    I would totally drive up there to help you if you desperately need someone to help with wedding stuff/cleaning stuff/house projects. (Offer stands until April 1st)