Friday, February 8, 2013

Four Months

4 months until we get married - Time is such a funny thing - it totally seems like it is around the corner and super far away. I am excited and it will be good, it is funny because I remember when it was months and months away, and now it is only four months. It will be wonderful. I am ready to have two houses (seriously this complicates things) when we are hanging out at one house or the other we inevitably end up making a million trips between our places picking up that or this - not to mention it is just strange to have two houses and starting to transition to one house (he still is staying at his house) - just beginning to move stuff that he won't need until he is at my place (summer stuff, fall stuff, bikes, and all that type crap). Anyways onto the lists:

What's Done:
  • I have a dress (still needs to be fitted)
    • waiting till beginning of April or so to go do this
  • Church and reception hall are reserved
  • Pastor - picked (complicated when many of your friends are ordained)
  • Caterer - automatic when you get the reception hall
    • food tasted (seriously this is the best job ever - I would love to do this every night for dinner)
    • I wish I could have brought everyone with me... I love food prepared for me with many varieties of options and choices to make 
  • Cake - person selected now to pick out an exact design
  • Photographer - Fiances uncle and a friend
  • Hair appointments - reserved for bridesmaids and me
  • DJ - Fiance's uncle 
  • Rehearsal Dinner - space reserved
  • save the dates sent
  • children's bulletins made
  • centerpieces done
  • post wedding pre-reception transportation reserved
    • I am jazzed, I like riding in fun vehicles with the wedding party post wedding pre-reception when I am in weddings - we got a great deal on ours

  • Groom, Groomsmen, Ushers tuxes 
    • picked but now we need them all to turn in their measurements
    • note to self: harass brother, cousin, and cousin to get their measurments turned into me
  • Bridesmaids dresses
    • picked and half have ordered - the rest have been instructed to do so
  • set up golf outing for the guys
  • make cloth banner/flag dealy
  • make the things to identify which meal people are eating
  • buy more mason jars
  • work on bridesmaids gifts
  • Lists: I feel like I am the queen of lists right now & have twelve thousand of them in progress
    • lists of what pictures we want taken
    • lists of what music we want played
    • lists of who is doing what and what exactly they need to do
    • lists of lists of lists (or so it feels)
  • Invitations 
    • in progress
  • final numbers to caterer (due 7 days before wedding)
    • just on the list so I don't forget
  • Flowers
    • have a date set with the florist to look at flowers and pick them and all that happy jazz

What am I missing?

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