Saturday, January 19, 2013


Tomorrow I shall earn the first half of my Coast to Coast medal. I AM SUPER EXCITED! I LOVE to runDisney! Seriously, if I could afford it (I have to fly to every race and stay in a hotel) I would run every runDisney race every year. I LOVE them sooooo much, they really are magical. Despite the fact that there are sooooooooo many people who run them. I love it.

Today is the fine balance of not eating anything that I will regret, not over working my legs, and not under working my legs, and getting to bed at a decent time [which seriously is the worst part for me because I am like a little child waiting for Santa to come and have the worst time falling asleep - however I do always wake up wired and ready to go]. Today I will get in a short run, I will enjoy California, and I will think through tomorrow's clothing choices and probably change my mind on what I will wear at least a hundred times. (Really I am debating between two tops and two bottoms - which feels like 10,000 options.)

I have said for years that I will earn my coast to coast medal and I am not certain that I ever actually thought would manage a way to earn the medal. But it is happening. 2013 is going to be the year.

One thing I need to decide before tomorrow - to stop and take pictures with characters along the way or not. Seriously this is a tough debate, we'll see how I am running before I totally decide. I am running with my camera (yes, this may seem ridiculous but I can't imagine not running with it) - not to mention is does fit in my belt so I can always throw it in there if I want/need to. Plus who doesn't want to take pictures as they are running. It distracts me (which around mile 8-9 is welcomed). I am certain you can bank on a slew of photos coming at some point. They will probably be very delayed since I am in southern California till the 28th, but when I return home it will be picture overload on here.

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  1. I think it is worth to make some pictures - they will be good reminders. You have nice dog. Greetings from Poland!