Thursday, December 20, 2012

One Month Until Tinkerbell Half Marathon

This is from our Disney World trip a year ago, but it just seemed
wrong to not have a wonderful photo with today's post.
Plus who doesn't love having their photo with all 7 dwarfs?!
I have seriously been counting down for months until the Tinkerbell Half Marathon. I am over the top excited. I actually get to fly to California on the 17th (whoop whoop for a few days of vacation), this will allow for several things, a couple of runs at sea level, a guaranteeing that the weather won't keep me from running, and some time to relax before the run. I will be heading out to California with my parents (yay mom & dad) and my friend Suzi (she is actually running as well & will be earning her coast to coast medal in 2013).

I haven't been to Disneyland since band tour five years ago and I am excited to get back, without a bus full of people and without the obligations of playing my instrument all over southern California with a dash of Disneyland on the side. I am excited to see California Adventure and the new Cars area. It should be marvelous.

We have some meal reservations made, it seemed much easier than in Disney World, we got into all our first choice places at the time we wanted. Glorious. I am jazzed to try some new places and eat deliciousness. Should be great.

I have begun to think about what I will need to wear on race day. The weather is always the wild card. I also forget what it is like to run at those temps coming from up north where I have to put on hats and mittens and all the winter gear to run currently. Bring on southern California.

Anyone have any Tinkerbell Half Marathon tips?
Did anyone run Tinkerbell last year?


  1. Hi Sarah and thank you for stopping by my blog. I used the pattern from Attic24. You can find it here>>>>

  2. I had so much fun running Tink last year. My friend and I took time for all the photo stops and it was my worst half for time but my favorite half to run. In hindsight, I would've done the same for Wine and Dine. I had it in my head and heart to set a huge PR there (I was trained for it) but the climate change (Michigan 30* to Florida 70*) about killed me. Definitely go out and just have fun at Tink and again at Wine and Dine. There are lots of other races to run for time.