Monday, September 17, 2012

Wedding Craziness

I am super excited to be getting married this coming summer. I can't wait to be married and continue the adventure with my fiance. He is fabulous. As you can imagine since getting engaged we have been on the journey to planning a wedding: setting a date (finding one that works with the church and finding a reception site that worked with the date), finding a reception site (harder than I imagined), asking our attendants, and sharing the news with friends and family. Other than those types of things I have begun to do some hoping and dreaming about how we want to decorate and all of those types of things, but it is OVERWHELMING!
The wedding industry is crazy. The other day I was looking online at a few to-do lists of when what needs to be done in terms of months out from the wedding and some of it was ridiculous. Some time lines were yearS in advance. Seriously YEARS! Who plans a wedding for years? I was committed to being engaged for less than a year, too much longer seems crazy. I don't need all the excess stuff, this does not need to be a multimillion dollar event. I can't fathom spending that much money on a wedding. There are lots and lots of things I was looking at and thinking about how over the top it was. My friend Lynneskies sent me a couple bridal magazines, they have been fun to look through and get some ideas and laugh at the over-the-topness of some of it.
There is a piece of me that was seriously disappointed (granted some of this comes from working in a church) but in most of the stuff that I have read or seen it appears that there is little to no emphasis on the actual wedding but rather on the reception and party after. Why does the ceremony get little to know focus and almost seems to come across as a means to an end?!
I am excited for the ceremony, to gather with God, family, and friends and to be showered in prayers and love as we make promises before God. I am excited as well about the reception and celebrating life together. It will be marvelous.
I haven't been doing a ton in terms of wedding stuff. Although I did just finish making our save the dates. I used this idea from pintrest, ours are brown and green. They were fun and not too challenging to make. At some point I know I need to go start looking at wedding dresses for myself, I am overwhelmed even thinking about it. It is crazy to think of all the options and to try to decide where to even begin. It'll happen soon hopefully.
That is my wedding rant of the moment. While this is the first I am certain this will not be the last, thanks for reading, feel free to include your point of view on weddings.

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  1. DEFINITELY take some gal pals to go wedding dress shopping and be willing to try on stuff you don't think you'll like. When my older sister was shopping for hers, my younger sister pulled a dress off the rack and said, "Try this!" Denise didn't think she'd like it, but that's the one she ended up loving. THEN, when I was shopping, Janet pulled one off the rack and said, "Try this!" I didn't think I'd like it, but I ended up LOVING it. You gotta do SOME of that girly bonding crap when you're doing wedding prep. Also, LOVED your save-the-dates. :) You rock. Oh, one last thing...I think it's fun and funny that you so often refer to Marc as your fiance. I mean, I know that's what he is, but it just cracks me up for some reason.