Monday, August 6, 2012


While working a "non-traditional job" meaning I don't work 9-5 every day with my weekends off, weekends don't always have the same appeal that they do to everyone else. While I do love my day off (normally Friday) and Saturday is a hit or miss day for me if I have to work, and I always work Sundays, Mondays bring on a strange connotation. I don't necessarily have the same hard reaction to Mondays that most people do after having a few days off, however Mondays for me generally mean there is a lot to do.

On Sundays my desk always piles up with all sorts of stuff that needs to be addressed on Monday. At the same time Mondays are liberating for me because it means I have two and a half work days until Wednesday evening and nearly a full week until the next Sunday. I don't dread Mondays, for some strange reason I felt the need to stand up for Mondays, they get such a bad rap.

Although I must confess there are certain things that I favor about nearly every day of the week. Today just seemed like a good day to stand up for Monday.

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