Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Training Plan

There is something utopic about planning for future races, there are the things I hope for (much fast times and personal records), the plan that seems totally do-able at the start (clearly not considering life, the weather, or any injury that will inevitably happen), and there is the excitement of upcoming races. I think I have most of my races planned out for the summer and into the fall. I need to fill in a few more races in September, November, and December, but I am excited to say that I am finally going to earn my coast to coast medal in 2013.  Ever since I heard of this medal I have wanted to earn it. I signed up for the Tinkerbell Half Marathon this coming January.

I just sat down and mapped out my training plan up through this race. I worked my schedule so that it easily fits the other races that I am registered for. It will take dedication to be committed to my training schedule, particularly since I have a couple mission trips this summer.

Note to self:
  • you will miss some of the training runs and cross trainings that you have planned - it'll be okay
  • keep dreaming big - keep challenging yourself - keep working hard
  • update your ipod - stop being lazy - you know you are sick of the music on there
  • this is a challenge between you and yourself - don't compare yourself to others - you are unique and you will have great victories and great challenges - embrace them - grow from them
  • update your ipod - seriously - get it done


  1. dude, I hope you updated your ipod. I have my training schedule until my 10K at the end of July all done. Still trying to map out the rest of the summer. <3 ya.

  2. I should update my ipod... but... it hasn't happened. Problem: I don't really know what I want on it. I am sick of everything on there and so it is hard to pick new stuff to put on. Seriously though I am hoping to do it tonight, just sit down and throw a bunch of stuff on there knowing I can change it more often than once a year.

  3. Hahaha. "Stop being lazy-you know you are sick of the music on there." Nice. I don't know if you like much "Contemporary Christian Music" (I know I'm not a fan of a LOT of that...) but Downhere has some really fast paced fun songs...("The More" is the one that is coming to mind right now...Also, Scott Krippayne's "I'm Not Cool" is fast and fun). There's USUALLY a 5K here in Steele in July...:) wanna come?