Thursday, April 19, 2012


I LOVE to crochet. I love the way the yarn feels in my hand, I love the repetition of the stitches as the pattern emerges, I love the way whatever I happen to be making at the time slowly evolves. I love making big projects (blankets) and little projects (hats) and nearly everything in between. Growing up I always thought crocheting and knitting (which I have no clue how to do) were something for old ladies. I love the familiarity of a pattern I know by heart and I love the confusion of a new pattern or one that has a particularly challenging stitch to it. I dream of having a massive yarn stash to pick from when I am creating things, I would love to have a shelf dedicated just to yarn and have it all nicely organized by color and weight. (Also I guess I would need the money to buy a ton of yarn.)
I love giving away things that I have crocheted to family, friends, hospitals, and other organizations. I also get to sell some of what I make at a local shop and it is fun to see someone wearing a hat or scarf or something I made while walking through the grocery store. I love to make kids and adults hats all the same. It is a spiritual practice for me for sure. I pray as I crochet, I pray for the person who will be receiving whatever I happen to be making, even if I don't know them, I pray for the world, I pray for family and friends, crocheting (much like running) allows me the time pray in ways that I can't if I am just sitting still. I am the person who carries yarn and a needle with me wherever I go, given ten minutes waiting at the doctor's office I am bound to pull it out, or if my stress levels get too high at work, I pull out my ball of yarn and my needle and crochet and pray for ten minutes. I give thanks for the woman who taught me to crochet when I was in fourth grade, I think I am going to write her a thank you note to let her know I appreciate her and what she taught me.
I LOVE to crochet.
Lately I have been creating these monster hats
they are selling like crazy and lots of friends have
requested them for their kids. It is great fun.

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