Saturday, February 19, 2011

10 Loves Of My Life

1. I love my family. While it is hard to be so far away from them all right now, I have my fingers crossed that I will be moving closer to them in the next six months-ish or so. They are amazing, I am not just talking about my immediate family but my extended family as well.

2. I love my friends. I have the world's best friends. I have met people from so many different aspects of life that I have friends all over the globe. They are absolutely amazing and I am sad that I don't get to see them all as often as I want.

3.I love snow. While I have enjoyed the brief glimpse into spring, I am very exciting about all the snow that they keep warning us may be coming. I love snow, I love the cold crisp air that when you breath through your nose your nostrils stick together. I love the crunch beneath my feet. I love the way it feels when you pick it up. I love watching it fall. I even love shoveling.

4. I love reading. While at the moment I am a little tired of reading required readings that I am having to do for school I am still loving being able to read other books. I look forward to reading next year, yes I will still be the nerd reading theology, but there seems to be a difference between what I chose to read and what I am told I have to read and write papers on and all that jazz. Currently I am reading "Water for Elephants" for fun.  I was given a Kindle for Christmas by my parents and at first I was skeptical because I like to feel books in my hand and to smell the books, but I have fallen in love with my kindle. I promote everyone at least giving them a shot.

5. I love taking pictures. While I am not really all that good at taking photos, I love doing it. I have a Nikon D60, which I am still learning how to use, but am enjoying every second of it. I also enjoy editing photos. There is something to trying to capture the moment in a photo. While there is a point that I do try to take in each moment without wanting to attempt to capture it in a photo, I love capturing the moment so that I can remember it and see it again. Photos help me to remember some of the amazing people, places, and moments in my life.

6. I love shutterfly. I love making photo books and having them printed. I enjoy then looking through all the photo albums to relive a little bit of the past. The books contain memories from many years of fun, but my shutterfly books are primarily only from the past four years, I am half tempted to go back as far as I have digital pictures for and make books for them as well. I also enjoy making Christmas cards and other fun projects on this site. I love shutterfly.

7. I love the outdoors. I love being outside during any season. I can find something fabulous about each and every season and I look forward to them all for different reasons. I cannot get enough time outside.

8. I love random hobbies. I have such a wide variety of hobbies that fulfill my time beyond reading and being outside. The two that are currently filling my time is sewing and crocheting. I like making things and giving them away. When I have the time I also enjoy making cards and writing letters to people. There is something still oh so classic about snail mail.

9. I love cooking and baking. While living in the dorms the lack of a kitchen in my room and my dependence upon the dorm kitchen has been less than ideal. Although I do get down in the kitchen and do a little bit of cooking and baking every once in a while it is not nearly as often as I would want. The difficulty is also compounded by the fact that I only have a little fridge and minimal cooking and baking supplies.

10. I love Apple. I will confess that I love my Macbook, ipod touch, and drool over the iphone.

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  1. You make me smile! I just finished "Water for Elephants." It was awesome!