Saturday, October 23, 2010


I found this mushroom (possibly mushrooms, I am no expert on mushrooms) on a path and for some reason the image has captured my mind. I wonder where I will be planted in a year. Will I too be able to thrive like this mushroom has done? Where will I be? How will I survive to the point of being able to put down roots a little bit and settle into a place? Hard to believe that graduation is 204 days away and the draft is almost 4 months from now to the day (4 months and 1 day, if one wants to be technical). Being a senior is a strange strange strange place to be in life. I am trying my darnedest to take it as a gift and to 'trust the Spirit' and all those catch phrases they throw around for us, but it is hard. I am ready to live in an apartment again, I am ready to know that I can settle into somewhere because it has a permanence of more than nine months before I am moving on, I am ready to have a kitchen and a refrigerator (I do technically have a fridge it is just dorm sized and hard to keep much in it due to its size and the lack of freezer does not help my ice cream longings), I long to be able to have a permanent address other than my parents house, and so many other things. Today is one of those days, thanks be to God who is meeting me in the midst of it.

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