Saturday, March 13, 2010

Weekly Drawing Prize

One of the sports stores here in the area gives away a weekly drawing and on Wednesday I got the call that I had won the prize. The man on the phone wasn't sure what this week's prize was when I talked to him, so when I got to the store I was informed that these shoes were my prize. I am not yet sure what I think of them. I haven't worn them more than about fifteen minutes at this point. I slightly think they look like gorilla feet of some sort when I have them on. The verdict is still out on what I think of them.


  1. Wow! I vote you wear those to Black Tie Jazz next year. That'd be awesome.

  2. I am in a wedding this summer with black bridesmaid dresses. I was thinking of trying them there and then debating if I could wear them to black tie jazz.
    haha. I can't imagine what a goon I would look like.

  3. You're lucky! Those (actually, a different version of those) are what I run in. They really help strengthen your feet!