Monday, February 15, 2010

The Missing Week.

Last week I was out on a much needed vacation to: Walt Disney World. It was a glorious combination of my dearest friend, relaxation, and fun.

Saturday: 02/13/10
I love Sorcerer Mickey & Suz!

Animal Kingdom: 02/12/10
Up close and personal with the animals.

Disney's Hollywood Studios: 02/11/10
I love all the live shows that happen around all four of the Disney Parks.

Disney's Epcot: 02/10/10
The Land: They are innovating new ways to grow plants and fishes. I was very impressed and loved the behind the scenes tour at the Land. I highly recommend it.

Disney's Magic Kingdom: 02/09/10
We were able to attend the opening of Magic Kingdom where Mickey Mouse rides in on the train and sprinkles Pixie dust all over to open the park and begin the magic.

Downtown Disney: 02/08/10

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