Wednesday, April 1, 2015

On Real Mom Confessions

I am linking up with Anna at Girl With a Blog and her On Real Mom Confessions. This could quite possibly be one of my most favorite link ups I have participated in a long time. I think this maybe come a weekly link up for me.

Where to begin is a better question?!

1. I ordered new khaki pants {I would prefer my yoga pants, sweats, or gym shorts} for work this week in a size larger than my pre-pregnancy pair. Right before Lucy I had managed to go down one size and my khaki pants were trashed {I need dress pants for work} and I have sort of been working on getting back into my pre-Lucy khaki pants, but let's face it. It isn't happening as quickly as I'd like and I couldn't stand putting my maternity pants on one more time. So I bit the bullet and ordered a pair larger than I would like and put the maternity pants in the bin downstairs. It was so appealing to pull out the maternity pants with the glorious elastic waist as soon as I got pregnant and now it has long since lost it's appeal. I ordered new pants.

2. I am anal retentive on every weekend updating my daughter's  and our family's shutterfly books {there is absolutely no way I could actually make a real fancy scrapbook happen} every Sunday night. Why? Because I am living in some sort of a sleep deprived stupor and am afraid I won't remember these days. I appreciate the late night snuggles and am attempting to savor these days as I know they don't last long, I dream and pray for the day that she will sleep through the night.

3. I make freezer meals. I hate the process of making a ton of meals every month, it takes up pretty much my entire weekend to prep for the cooking, the actual cooking and assembling of the meals, and the clean up {I am fairly certain every pot, pan, bowl, and spoon I own is dirty at the end of the endeavor} there is absolutely NO chance that I would be able to cook for our family after work. When I get done with work at the end of the day I have ZERO desire to do more than either eat what is in the crockpot or merely throw something in the oven {I love both crockpot cooking and pulling meals out of the freezer} - two weeks ago before making 22 meals for our family my husband and I had successfully had: cereal, oatmeal, Wednesday night lenten meal, frozen pizza, & oatmeal for dinner. I won't even begin to tell you what we had taken to work and called it lunch. Let's just say we ate more oatmeal and cereal than any two humans should in a week.

At the end of each day I as I crawl into our bed and in the few briefs seconds between leaning over to lay down and the second my head hits the pillow {because really that is all the longer it takes me to fall asleep} I rejoice that: the dog is fed, my husband knows he is loved, my daughter is fed & loved, and God's grace showers over us.


  1. I love this post. And love that Anna made it a link-up. It is so perfect.

  2. Ug I know the sleep deprivation....I am living it as well! :) Love your post!!

  3. Sarah, I LOVE that you work on your Shutterfly books every week! That is straight inspiring and I want to copy you. Freezer cooking in bulk sounds like an amazing solution to my own dinnertime conundrums. Do you use a bulk cooking site to help with recipes and shopping lists, or make your own recipes work? I'm so interested!

    Thank you for linking up, Sarah - see you next week! =)

  4. I am SO impressed with you making all those freezer meals! I desperately want to do this, but am totally overwhelmed with how much work, shopping and planning (not to mention cooking, cleaning and chopping) this would entail! You're amazing!